As a general contractor we specialize in forestry services and ground work in Jacksonville, Macclenny, Yulee, FL and Southeast GA

A lot of work goes into preparing a site for building and all of that work is performed by our trusted and experienced team. At our horizontal construction company, we lay all of the groundwork necessary for you to bring your projects to life, whether they are residential, commercial, or municipal based.

Come and speak to us when you are in need of any of the following work:

  • Site Work Services
  • Horizontal / Civil Construction Services
  • Dirt Work Services
  • Paving Services
  • Utility Installation Services
  • Water Main Services
  • Sewer Main Services
  • Gravity Sewer Services
  • Force Main Services
  • Storm Drain Services
  • Land Grading Services
  • Road Grading Services
  • Forest Road Grading Services
  • Raking Services
  • Chopping Services
  • 1st Pass Bedding Services
  • 2nd Pass Bedding Services

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“I count it a privilege to be partners in business with Tim Prep, Inc. Tim Prep has set itself apart in the industry with the professionalism and pride that they operate their daily business with.”

– Darius Linder Industrial Equipment