We offer complete sewer and water main services in Northeast FL and Southeast GA

At Tim-Prep we take safety very serious.

Throughout the years maintaining a good safety program has saved us from a lot of incidents.  While we know it is important to work  hard  we also want everyone to return safely to their families.  Our program allows us to share near misses (mishaps,) with each other to raise awareness about safety. We ask all of our employees to report near misses and incidents for all activity on and off the job.

This program is designed to help you minimize accidents and prevent injuries and fatalities. This program will also help you maximize your own safety culture along side of other co-workers, and to continually refresh a database of safety information that can be used to share safety alerts.

We strongly believe that a great safety culture is when people continue to create a safe work environment and do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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“I count it a privilege to be partners in business with Tim Prep, Inc. Tim Prep has set itself apart in the industry with the professionalism and pride that they operate their daily business with.”

– Darius Linder Industrial Equipment